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TeaFrog was founded in 2006 by myself, Mike, and my wife, Melanie. Upon returning from a trip to Japan, our daughter, Hillary, brought back a sample of some Japanese teas, and we instantly fell in love with the unique taste of the Genmaicha blends. Like everyone else we had drank tea before, most typically brewed from commercial tea bags or tea in a Chinese food restaurant, but the flavour and ceremony of brewing loose leaf tea piqued our interest.

Over the next year, we have sampled various types of loose leaf teas from around the world, and developed a taste for a diverse variety of tea and tea ware. Not being able to travel around the world, we sought out tea rooms and researched various tea types and tea ceremonies online, as well as the process of blending and flavoring our own teas.

Finally, in 2006, we decided that it was time to introduce our friends and family to the different teas that we have developed a taste for. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive. We were amazed to find that not only did our friends and family enjoy the teas also, but they wanted to know where they could buy more for themselves! This struck a chord with us, and we decided that we needed to share the diversity of tea with more people. Thus TeaFrog was born.

We have continued to grow our business, and our tea blends since then. We carry a mixture of hand blended and hand crafted teas, as well as single estate tea direct from China, Japan and India. All of our products are developed to the highest standards - our customers.

TeaFrog continues to evolve and offer new tea products to our customers. We continue to explore and develop new blends and blending techniques so we are always offering our customer the best and most diverse selections available.

We invite you to discover our love of teas with the selection that that we are offering for sale on this website and through our retail endeavors. We have chosen only the finest teas and ingredients, and are confident that you will enjoy any of the teas offered, whether you are new to loose leaf teas, or are an experienced connoisseur of tea.

To learn more about tea, it's history, uses, recipes and ceremonies, visit our tea culture section of the website.

Mike and Melanie
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