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FREE - Beginners Guide to Loose Leaf Tea

FREE Beginners Guide to Loose Leaf Tea

Download the Free Beginners Guide to Loose Leaf Tea here without submitted your email
Have you ever been interested in drinking loose leaf tea, but once you start researching, quickly become daunted at which pot to buy, what an infuser is, what is a green tea, black tea, white tea, etc?

After speaking with tens of thousands of customers over the course of many years, I have noticed that the same questions kept coming up over and over. So about a year ago, I decided that the time has come for a beginners guide to drinking loose leaf tea. I sat down, and basically blasted out everything I tell first time tea drinkers and coffee and tea bag converts. They I sat on it, and came back to it on a monthly basis to edit, rewrite, add and remove information, until I go to where I am today, with a completed book, ready for YOU!

How much for this awesome guide you say? FREE. Why? Because you deserve it.

You could easily go out to Chapters, Barns and Nobel, Amazon or any other book retailer and spend hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars on how to's, tea catalogs, tea guides, etc. And in fact, there are MANY good books out there, but not something that eases you into the tea experience. There is some basic information missing, such as, how to brew a cup of tea? Simply you say, for some, it is daunting! What is an infuser? How do I make green tea, what about black tea? So many questions :).

So, all we are asking from you, is your email address. Just fill out your email below, and we will immedately give you a link to this amazing, FREE guide. Why do I want your email? Because TeaFrog occasionally (MAYBE once a month, more like once every 2 or 3 months) sends out newsletters for sales, show notices, or new product announcements. If you don't want to recieve the emails, that is no problem, you can unsubscribe at any time, but I think that you will enjoy the newsletters!

So fill out your email, and please let me know what you think! Send me an email or give me a call, I am ALWAYS interested in what my customers have to say, and would love to chat with you about anything in the guide, or to speak to you about getting into tea!


Mike Morton
Owner, TeaFrog.com

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Download the Free Beginners Guide to Loose Leaf Tea here without submitted your email
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