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Due to circumstances beyond our control we are no longer able to accept orders originating in the U.S. This is effective immediately. We deeply regret any inconvenience this may cause our U.S. customers. We thank you for your past loyalty.
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Order Status

If you have placed an order with TeaFrog, and you want to know the current status of that order, enter the billing email address you entered when you ordered, as well as the order ID that was emailed to you when you completed your order. You will then be shown the details of your order.
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Why do I have to enter in all this information?
We take your privacy at TeaFrog VERY seriously. We ask for both the billing email address and the Order ID to ensure that you are actually the person that placed the order, or someone with access to that information. We do this for your safety and privacy. For more information about what we do to protect your privacy, please read our privacy policy.

You mean that my home address is on the INTERNET now?
TeaFrog makes every reasonable effort to assure that the information shown in the order retrieval system is shown only to authorize persons with the correct identifying information. The information that is displayed is non-sensitive information, and is no more than someone could find looking up your name on the yellowpages website. We do not show any sensitive payment information. If you are concerned about this information being available, please let us know and we will eliminate your information from being displayed online.
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