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White Tea

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White tea is tea made from new growth buds and young leaves of the tea plant. The leaves are steamed or fried to inactivate polyphenol oxidation, and then dried. White tea therefore retains the high concentrations of catechins which are present in fresh tea leaves. The buds may also be shielded from sunlight during growth to reduce formation of chlorophyll. White tea is a specialty of the Chinese province Fujian. more info about white tea »

Blueberry Blueberry
Tea Type: Flavored White
Rated 4.5 Stars - Add Your Review!

Natural Blueberry flavoring combined with a high quality white tea makes this tea blend one of our most popular! Light and fragrant, the taste is delicate yet satisfying. Never bitter or overly strong, you can enjoy this tea any time of the day.

Ingredients: Pai Mu Dan White Tea, Cornflower Blossoms, and Natural Flavours
$14.00 (100g/3.5oz - approx 110 cups) - add to cart
Coconut Vanilla Coconut Vanilla
Tea Type: Flavored White
Rated 5 Stars - Add Your Review!

A wonderfully fragrant coconut smell wafts through the air as you brew this delicate white tea. Combining a sweet scent with a smooth white tea, you will brew cup after cup of this fantastic tea.

Ingredients: Pai Mu Dan, Organic Coconut Pieces, Rose Buds, Blue Mallow Flowers, Natural and Artificial Flavours
$14.00 (100g/3.5oz - approx 110 cups) - add to cart
Pai Mu Tan White Tea Pai Mu Tan White Tea
Tea Type: White
Not yet reviewed - Add Your Review Now!

Also known as "White Peony", this is a very high quality white tea. Produced from the newest "two leaves and a bud", this tea is not fermented or rolled, just naturally dried, allowing a high concentration of antioxidants to remain in the leaf.
$13.00 (50g/1.75oz - approx 60 cups) - add to cart
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