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White Tea

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Tea Type: Flavored White

Average Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5
4.5 Star Rating
Natural Blueberry flavoring combined with a high quality white tea makes this tea blend one of our most popular! Light and fragrant, the taste is delicate yet satisfying. Never bitter or overly strong, you can enjoy this tea any time of the day.

Ingredients: Pai Mu Dan White Tea, Cornflower Blossoms, and Natural Flavours

Price: $14.00 (100g/3.5oz - approx 110 cups) - Out Of Stock
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Finum Tea Brewing Basket - $12.00 (details)

Customer Reviews for Blueberry

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Maria  4 Star Rating
Very tasty. The delicate taste of blueberry shines through.

Melissa McCarthy  4 Star Rating
I’m not ordinarily a huge fan of white teas; I prefer heartier teas that can stand up to a good dose of milk and sugar. But I had to order this in my sample pack because the name was so intriguing. I’m glad I did – it certainly has the delicacy of white tea but with a good blueberry flavour. In other words, it does what it says on the tin. Excellent choice for someone who tends to like white tea.

Jamie  5 Star Rating
I got this sample from Teafrog and it lasted me all of two days!

I've got a JoeMo travel mug that is brilliant and it keeps my tea piping hot all day. I love that it keeps my tea so hot but it's made it a challenge to find a tea that doesn't spoil being in hot water that long. I know that I could just let my tea cool before heading out with it but it's the middle of winter here and I need the heat.

My commute to work every morning is a bizarre one and it was nice to have two days in my blueberry oasis. Holding my JoeMo like a steel security blanket through the snow, the metros, working my way through the tunnels and up 108 steps! The scent enveloped me as I greeted the same people I pass every day - a 'namaste' for the grinning guy at the snack counter, a loonie for the guy selling Karma on the corner, an 'il fait frette!!' for the doorman. Crash landing at my desk, smiling and sipping. This tea was wonderful when I first brewed it and even more wonderful when I finally got my last sip (hours later).

It's a fabulously comforting white tea and the scent is pleasing and warm! Must get more of this tea!. It passed my JoeMo test like no other.

(via Tea Reviews - Its All About The Leaf)

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