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Flowering Tea

flowering tea Flowering teas, also refered to as blooming teas or display teas, are a fairly recent product compared to the long storied history of tea in general. Flowering teas were beginning to be produced commercially approximately 20 years ago, as tea was becoming more popular worldwide and the market began to become globalized.

Today almost all flowering teas are produced in China. There are many qualities of flowering teas available, from mass machine produced blooming teas, to the high quality hand crafted flowering teas that Teafrog carries. These teas, just like all tea, also vary in the quality of the tea it's self. Some flowering teas are meant only for entertainment, and the cup is tasteless or extremely bitter. Others are balanced to look beautiful, and are functionally consumable also.

At Teafrog, we randomly test each variety of flowering tea to ensure both quality of taste and percentage of flowering. Lower quality teas have a high percentage of "failure" where the wrapped flowers fail to open or do not fully open. We ensure that there is an extremely low percentage of failure for the wrapped tea opening through testing and by only purchasing from reputable companies.

Brewing a Blooming Tea

  1. When you brew a blooming tea, you want to heat your water to just below boiling, about 190°F/86°C.
  2. Place the wrapped tea flower in a clear pot or decorative cup, and pour the heated water over the tea.
  3. Let the tea brew for 5-6 minutes, at which point it should be fully unfurled.
  4. You can re-infuse the flowering tea 3-4 times just by adding heated water once the tea has been consumed, and letting it infuse for an additional 5-6 minutes each time.

TeaFrog Flowering Teas

You Are My Sunshine Flowering Tea

High quality green tea leaves are hand sewn around Jasmine flowers in this beautiful flowering tea from the Fujian Province of China. This blooming tea unfurls to reveal the flowers and tea is a tasty green tea with the comforting taste of Jasmine.

$2.50 each or 10 for $20.00
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  Dancing Angels Flowering Tea

As this artisan handcrafted flowering tea slower unfurls, a chain of yellow Jasmine blossoms appear to be dancing over a beautiful red Amaranth flower in the center. This blossoming tea is a fun to watch as it is tasty to drink.

$2.50 each or 10 for $20.00
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